Speaking and Fundraising

John’s goal when speaking to a group - whether it be at a university, a corporate retreat, a Gala for a non-profit, or any other event is to create a connection with the group and the reason they are there. John is a bit unorthodox when it comes to speaking in that he loves to mingle with the group, answer questions, paint live, sometimes inviting people to the stage to paint with him. John has spoken at concerts that filled the side of a mountain, ridden horses, and even a mechanical bull once (well - for a very short time), he has done yoga with a group, acted in a play with another, spoken to countless gymnasiums full of children, painted with all of the children in a town - needless to say when John joins a group he is all in.

John also speaks to small groups such as the parents of children with disabilities, people who have an avid interest in the arts and want to learn more, brunches and wine tastings with charities, and classrooms for children and adults of all ages to name a few. Whatever the size or reason for the group coming together John wants everyone to feel a connection,  leave happy, and ready to take on whatever lies before them.

John has worked with countless charities and non-profits helping them to raise funds in positive, fun and creative ways. One of the most difficult tasks for a non-profit is to raise the money they need and to spread their message in a tactful and entertaining way that people will respond to. John has a unique perspective on this situation, being a person who is visually impaired and epileptic, but also a pragmatic understanding of what non-profit organizations need in terms of operating funds, and the challenges in obtaining them.

Besides one of his degrees being in Disability Studies, experience is something else that John brings to the table. Through years of working with a multitude of different organizations John has collected techniques and strategies that just simply work, and how to avoid some of the costly pitfalls and mistakes relating to galas, conventions, fundraising campaigns, and special events. The secret is simple - to create an event that is different and interesting enough so that people want to attend, that attracts media attention, and provides a platform where the message the organization wants to spread can be heard. Most of all it is to create a space where people can have some fun while supporting a good cause; because that is the key to spreading the word and raising awareness of your organization’s needs.

It is difficult to give an average amount that can be raised because of differing demographics and other variables. John has raised as much as $30,000 from the auction of a single 18”x24” painting, every penny of which went to the organization. While hard numbers are impossible to predict John’s strategies are to put an organization’s best foot forward by partnering the organizationals goals with artistic concepts that ensure people are open to the message.

Painting demonstration - John has painted on live TV programs all over the world in front of millions and on stages in front of thousands, but nothing beats painting in front of a more intimate group where people can walk up and stand around the painting, and chat with John as he works.

  • Auction
  • Workshops
  • Key note speaker

Art Show - Potentially this can be one of the most successful ways to garner both funds and attention for an organization. Most often the non-profit will partner with a gallery and/or museum in their area that features John’s work in a show. Very often this is coupled with art talks, lectures, painting demonstrations, workshops or some combination thereof. The non-profit effectively takes on the role that a gallery would normally take on by spreading the word of the show, and helping to organize events - with John’s help of course. Because of the longer nature of an event like this there is a much greater opportunity for exposure, media attention, and public support. There is nothing quite like an art show to put forth an organization’s message in an entertaining and positive way.