Each step of the print making process has been painstakingly researched and rigorously tested  so that the art pieces being produced are second to none. Each reproduction is limited to a run of only 100 prints. Each print is created on artist canvas giving the same look and feel as the original. This line represents the ultimate recreation of the original paintings.
Scanning - Thoughts of a desktop scanner may come to mind when scanning is mentioned, but that is someshat like comparing a model T to a formula one racer. The company that I ship  the artwork to for scanning produces the highest quality digital image that is possible to produce. It is the same procedure that major museums around the world use to archive their priceless works.
Correction and Evaluation - The massive images that are generated by the scanning process are taken back to the studio, and this is where Jacqi's particular brillinace shines. Her graphic design and photographic expertise combined along with her near encyclopedic knowledge of my artwork allows her to go over every milimeter of the images to ensure that they accurately depict every nuance of the original artwork. The fact that we have someone with this level of skill and dedication in house is what makes these prints go far beyond what other artists are able to offer.
Printing - Giclee is the new standard in the fine art market - it allows for unrivaled color mixing and absolutely true tones. Using the large format digital scans combined with Giclee means that any color that I can produce on a palette can be accurately reproduced on the print surface.
The print surface, unless stated otherwise, in on canvas. Not only does this allow for a much more durable and less weather sensitive print, but it recreates the surface of the original artwork so that both the look and the feel of the art print is accurate. 
Only the finest archival inks, and acid free materials are used in the creation of the print so that they will remain unchanged for generations.
Stretched Canvas - Probably the most popular choice as it gives the closest look to the original painting. Each canvas comes with a solid backing to ensure that the canvas stays tight and flat over time making maintenance unneeded. The back of the painting is finished giving the piece a clean finished look.
Rolled Canvas - Similar to the stretched canvas except not on the stretcher bars. This is a popular option for overseas customers because of the shipping cost. Once you receive the print you can take it to a local framer or art store and have it stretched or matted and framed. 
Provenance - Each Limited Edition Print comes with a certificate of authenticity ensuring that this print is one of only 100 that will ever be produced in this edition. The certificate includes the print number, artist signature, artist thumbprint and wax seal.