Professional Speaking

John’s goal when speaking to a group - whether it be at a university, a corporate retreat, a Gala for a non-profit, or any other event is to create a connection with the group and the reason they are there. John is a bit unorthodox when it comes to speaking in that he loves to mingle with the group, answer questions, paint live, sometimes inviting people to the stage to paint with him. 

John has spoken to large and small groups such as the parents of children with disabilities, people who have an avid interest in the arts and want to learn more, classrooms for children and adults of all ages, and concert style venues to name a few. Whatever the size or reason for the group coming together John wants everyone to feel a connection, leave happy, and ready to take on whatever lies before them.

Presentation topics

Navigating disability and welcoming all perspectives:

• Helping organizations move beyond the tolerance of disability to embracing the diversity in us all
• Improving relations with surrounding communities and creatively coping with change
• Why creating and maintaining a diverse workforce leads to higher employee retention & productivity

Training for the inclusive art experience:

• Showing museums and galleries how to better embrace inclusive programming in their spaces with little cost
• How to providing lectures, docent training and interactive events with innovative and engaging art
• How to make museum visits more engaging for a wide range of audience needs

Turning adversity into solutions:

• Helping organizations celebrate and invite all perspectives to the workforce
How to best encourage staff to take part in problem solving through engaging activities, showing how fear, anger and complacency anchor people down
• How to use adversity as an opportunity to empower, motivate, and energize


Tailor your experience

John’s flexibility allows you to customize a program for your team’s needs to  ensure the message is received. His engaging workshops and talks can be combined or done separately, depending on who would benefit. Every client has a particular need, which makes no two experiences the same.

Contact John and discuss the possibilities.